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Dr. gant is a leading commentator on skin technologies
Dr. Gant and the entire staff at West Oak Dermatology are absolutely wonderful! The office is state of the art beautiful! I highly recommend West Oak Dermatology for any skin care needs !
Jesse and Ryan Bennett

Glycolic Reset Cleanser - West Oak Dermatology
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UV Elements Broad-Spectrum SPF44  - West Oak Dermatology

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Medical Dermatology:

Skin Cancer
Mole removal
Pigmentation Concerns
Nail Disorders
Hair/Scalp disorders
Skin tag removal

Cosmetic Dermatology:

Botox ©
Dermal Fillers
Sclerotherapy (leg veins)
Kybella ©
Sun Damage Treatments
Chemical Peels Light treatments

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Woman Face Skin Comparison
August 18, 2017Articles

BOTOX: What to Expect

How It Works: Neurotoxins are used on various areas on the face and neck, to give our skin a refreshed and youthful look. The muscles of facial expression or softened, which is turn allows etched lines and wrinkles to fade away, giving...

Makeup on Ground
July 21, 2017Articles

Putting on Your Products

You are armed with a premium set of skin care bottles, ready to win beautiful skin. But which goes on first? Is it OK if they mix? Some simple rules of thumb: Serum First If you are using any type of serum (often antioxidants are...

Man Washing Face
May 4, 2017Articles

Applying Retinoids

At West Oak Dermatology, Dr. Gant often prescribes prescription topical retinoids to treat the signs of skin aging. Topical retinoids help skin cells turn over to expose new, fresh skin cells and revitalize the looks and feel of the...