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The Latest

Woman Face Skin Comparison
August 18, 2017Articles

BOTOX: What to Expect

How It Works: Neurotoxins are used on various areas on the face and neck, to give our skin a refreshed and youthful look. The muscles of facial expression or softened, which is turn allows etched lines and wrinkles to fade away, giving...

Makeup on Ground
July 21, 2017Articles

Putting on Your Products

You are armed with a premium set of skin care bottles, ready to win beautiful skin. But which goes on first? Is it OK if they mix? Some simple rules of thumb: Serum First If you are using any type of serum (often antioxidants are...

Man Washing Face
May 4, 2017Articles

Applying Retinoids

At West Oak Dermatology, Dr. Gant often prescribes prescription topical retinoids to treat the signs of skin aging. Topical retinoids help skin cells turn over to expose new, fresh skin cells and revitalize the looks and feel of the...

Woman Kissing a Frog
April 18, 2017Articles

Kissing Frogs Not Required: Warts

Warts are a common problem for both children and adults. We see them more commonly in children, but any age can be affected. Common warts are causes by a type of HPV (Human Papillomavirus), which does not carry a risk of cancer. The...

Thermometer in Sun
March 15, 2017Articles

I Got Sunburned! Now What?

Your forgot to reapply after that first dip in the ocean. Three hours later you head inside and realize the heat is coming in with you, in the form of a sunburn! The horror! What now? Pain Control: The first word? Ouch! Your skin is...

Acne Comparison on Face
October 12, 2016Articles

4 Keys to Clear Teenage Acne

Acne is a problem that plaques the majority of teenagers at one point or another. The distress and frustration of the patient and parent are palpable when I walk into the exam room. There are a few main points that I like to make sure...

June 6, 2016Blog Articles

Nuts for Coconut (Oil)

Coconut oil is the popular kid on the block now. What started out as an exotic substance (oooo, are we in Hawaii??) is now plentiful. You can find it at Target; in the grocery, pharmacy and beauty sections. Talk about shooting to fame!...

April 17, 2016Blog Articles

Sunscreen FYI

Depending on your age, you may have grown up with sunscreen (always on since I can remember!) suntan lotion (SPF 2, deep tan but don’t burn!) or oil/iodine (where is my tin foil reflector?).  I fall into the SPF 2 category....

February 27, 2016Blog Articles

Everybody’s Doing It!

The great thing about living in 2016 is that we have so many amazing beauty products, procedures, treatments and tinctures. We can make our eyelashes sweep, our skin glow, our cheekbones perk back up to their original location. This...

February 3, 2016Blog Articles

5 Skin Truths

There is nothing I like less than a wishy-washy answer to a question “well… it depends…” But in medicine and aesthetics there are a lot of those, as not every treatment is appropriate for every patient; it DOES...

January 17, 2016Products Challenge

Prescription Moisturizer?

Does such a thing exist? Actually, yes, in several forms.  I would like to take this time of year to focus on one of my skin-saver ‘scripts. Winter is dry, scaly skin time. Everyone loves the hot cocoa and fires and the chunky...

December 12, 2015Blog Articles

No Excuses Skin Care

It doesn’t really matter what the skin “issue” is, so often we struggle with sticking to the routine.  I hear things like “I put it on  some nights?” or ” I’ve been traveling so I’m off...

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