Acne Busting Apps?

Your phone can do a lot for you now…keeping you organized, socially connected, entertained and informed. But your phone will not cure your acne. It’s true, even the iphone has its weaknesses. If fact, your phone could make your break outs worse (see my parting note).

There have been several smart phone apps with cool names like AcneApp, which claim to treat break outs. They emit blue and/or red light from the screen of your phone, which you are supposed to hold up to your face several times a day. There are forms of blue and red light that are being found to be effective in treating acne, but they cannot be recreated by the screen of your phone. The federal trade commission has had to come down on the makers of these bogus cures, but just be aware that there might still be some lurking in an app store near you.

“FTC: Treating acne? No, there is no app for that.”

dangers of a dirty cellphoneParting note: How can your phone give you acne? Pressing a germ/moisture laden device against the same square of skin throughout the day can plog your pores and create a great environment for pimples. Hopefully that icky description was enough to make you take notice. Try to clean your phone with an alcohol wipe a few times a week and avoid pressing it directly to your skin.  Better yet, use a hands-free device.

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