Autumn Allergy Angst

The season is changing (goodbye sweet summer…) into crisp, cozy fall. Football games, hayrides, itchy eyes, runny noses..what?!  Even if you are person who “never has allergies” you may notice some of these symptoms when autumn is in the air.  Also, there is less moisture in the air so your skin can change too, feeling more dry and sensitive.

Seasonal allergies can make you feel groggy and generally icky, but also can make you look under the weather. Red, bloodshot eyes, dry and dull skin…not the ideal look to start your fall. You might start by trying a non-drowsy antihistamine. A daily Zyrtec or Claritin (or the store brands of these medications) can make a huge difference. This will help with your eye symptoms and general “sniffly-ness.”

For your skin, take extra care to provide deep moisture when the seasons change. Use a fragrance-free moisturizer that contains ceramides. By now you might notice that I’m a fan of CeraVe, but there are lots of brands coming out with this type of product. Curel, Cetaphil, Elizabeth Arden to name a few. Find a travel size and reapply half-way through your day. It’s ok to apply right over your make-up, if your skin is feeling tight or looking dull and flaky. And don’t forget the humidifier in your bedroom! That humidified mist over you at night will keep your skin dewy and also makes your air passages feel more open.

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