Avene Thermal Water

Water in a good looking spray can. Yes, I’m going to admit that I use it and I love it. I fancy myself as no-nonsense and practical, and this product might not completely fall into that category. I will argue that it is a great help during airplane flights or visits to higher altitudes.  The humidity in an airplane is around 10%, way less than the 30-65% of our normal environments.  The air in the mountains is also less saturated with moisture. So these are two places where an extra burst of hydration can feel amazing.

On the plane, while my husband pretends to not know me, I will spritz my face, neck and chest with Avene Thermal Water and follow it with a light layer of moisturizer like Cerave lotion. I might embarrass him, but I feel refreshed and my skin looks great. Enjoying the mountains any time of year can dry out your skin, so I’ll do a little midday spritz followed by a reapplication of my SPF. Win-win.

Some other uses:
  • as a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day instead of coffee
  • to soothe skin after a sunburn (how dare you get a sunburn?)
  • to calm down sensitive/irritated skin
  • as part of a post-treatment care after a laser or chemical peel.
Another brand option is Evian Mineral Water Spray which also retails for a similar price (around $11.00). I haven’t used this one, but it could be similar.
So skeptics don’t be shy, spritz away! When you walk off the plane or the ski slopes looking refreshed and glowing, you will see how this product becomes a “must”.

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