Cue the “Bacne” Jokes

Ok, some of you might remember a certain Seinfeld episode dramatizing the duties of a Dermatologist, which includes curing “bacne”. The truth is, back acne is a real problem! And yes, I take my job (to solve it) very seriously!

For now, I just want to focus on a type of skin break out people often get on their back and chest in the humid summer weather. It’s actually not technically acne. It is an inflammation in your hair follicles, or folliculitis. Increased moisture and heat provide an environment ¬†that encourages this type of eruption. The difference between this and acne or pimples, is that these bumps are exactly the same small size and shape and tend to only form on the upper back and upper chest. They can be itchy, but usually are not painful, like large acne cysts can be.

The cure? A few OTC options are often able to calm down the problem. Start by using¬†Selsun Blue shampoo as your body wash daily. Let the lather sit on the affected skin for at least 4 minutes. You can also alternate this with a Benzoyl Peroxide body wash (like Oxy or Panoxyl) in the shower. If these aren’t working after about two weeks, it might be time to visit your friendly Dermatologist. To prevent another outbreak, change out sweaty/damp clothing as soon as you can, and switch to wicking, breathable fabrics.


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