Blame it on the Smog?

Summertime brings to mind visions of breezy outdoor activities, soaking in the fresh air…unfortunately I’m going to break the spell to bring up one tiny (teeny tiny in fact) problem. Air pollutants are unwelcome additions to our outdoor experience.

Tiny particulate matter is floating in our air, mostly invisitlbe to our eyes. These microscopic particles raise the number of free radiclas in our skin. You might remember one of my previous rants where I talked about how free radicals reek havoc on our skin. They accelerate the aging process by breaking down elastin and collagen, making our skin look dull. Scientific evidence has also shown that people with more air pollution exposure developed more brown spots. I know, too much terrible news at once! What can we do? Move to Bali?

Yes! We should all move to Bali or some equally beautiful place with high air quality scores. If (for some odd reason) this isn’t immediately practical, then start by using an antioxidant treatment on your face, neck and chest daily. RIght now I’m liking TNS Essential Serum by SkinMedica. Consume foods rich in antioxidants. Wear sunscreen to reduce the additive insult of UV light, which also causes free radicals. Wash your skin every evening and exfoliate once or twice a week to remove stubborn particles and dead skin cells. Oh, and try not to dwell over the fact that there is all that ickĀ in the air.

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