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BOTOX: What to Expect

How It Works:

Neurotoxins are used on various areas on the face and neck, to give our skin a refreshed and youthful look. The muscles of facial expression or softened, which is turn allows etched lines and wrinkles to fade away, giving us a more youthful, relaxed appearance. The skin to be treated is cleansed and then a tiny needle is used to administer injections. Discomfort is minimal and topical numbing is always available for those who prefer it. The process usually takes just a few minutes.


The down time with Botox is none. Temporary swelling at the injection site typically subsides in minutes after the procedure and bruising is possible but uncommon. The effects of the neurotoxin take effect in 4 – 7 days, so it is helpful to plan accordingly with when you wish to have the changes take effect. Dr. Gant likes to see patients back two weeks after their first injection, to ensure you have the perfect result for your goals.

Plan and Maintain:

The effects of neurotoxins generally last three to six months, depending on the location and the preference of the patient. Dr. Gant encourages patients to schedule a three month follow up to best plan the follow up treatments and maintain optimum results.

Choose Wisely:

A wise one once said “bad botox is worse than no botox” and this is so true. Cosmetic injections with neurotoxin is part art and part science. You want a skilled eye and hand when choosing a provider to help you achieve your goals.

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