At Least my Lips are Buxom

I haven’t done too many makeup reviews, but my quest to find the perfect lip gloss has led me to the Buxom promised land, and I had to share. Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Polish claims long lasting shine and color along with a plumping effect.

It’s important to note that I am not a lipstick kind of girl. At best you might find me using a tinted lip gloss or balm. Relying on Bonnie Bell for my beauty routine at this age is a bit ridiculous, hence my search. I love that Buxom has a nice range of colors, many of which are not too bright or saturated. ┬áIt has the perfect amount of sticky; not so sticky that your hair in magnetically sucked to your lips (how does that happen??) but enough to make it last a lot longer. It has shine but no glitter. (a disappointment to all the 13 year olds out there). The plumping claim is suspect at best. Ingredients can make your lips tingle and feel plumper, but nothing is actually going to alter the fullness of your lips. So enjoy the tingle but don’t be fooled. The big downside is that it does not contain any SPF. Our lips need sun protection too, and it would be easiest if it all came in the same tube.

So thank you, Buxom. I might not ever graduate to lipstick on a daily basis, but at least now I can wear lip color and feel confident that it looks good. If you try it, remember to start with a SPF-containing balm first. Happy glossing!

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