CeraVe Tries Eyes

I’ve made no secret of my love for the CeraVe brand when it comes to moisture. They blazed a trail for incorporating the most potent hydrating ingredients into daily use lotions. At the start of the new year they debuted their Eye Repair Cream. I stumbled upon it in the drugstore and couldn’t get it to the register fast enough. Would they be able to compete in the tough eye cream market?

Short answer? Yes. The ingredients include ceremides and hyaluronic acid, two keys for moisture and plumping. The tube keeps the goods well protected from air and contamination (I never like open jars for eye application, so easy to get bacteria in there). It’s obviously fragrance free and has a thick but not greasy feel. It comes out in a ribbon that absorbs easily and makeup goes on smoothly on top. I have also found that it’s a nice “spot repair” for extra dry spots. I always get dry skin around my nose and lower face from using a retinoid, so I put an extra layer of this on those problem areas twice a day and they are gone within a day or two. The best part of CeraVe Eye Repair cream is the price. Retailing for about $14-17.00, it blows away a lot of competition in regards to affordability.

Eye creams, for the most part, are just glorified moisturizers. If you find one that doesn’t irritate your skin and makes your eyelid skin appear more plump and hydrated, then you are way ahead. I’ve found mine…

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