To Clarisonic or not to Clarisonic?

I get a this question quite a bit, from patients and friends. What’s the deal with those fancy facial brushes that shake and wiggle and promise fresh, healthy skin? Now that there are copy-cat versions of the original, you know it’s getting popular.

So, should you add it to your Spring Cleaning list? My answer: Sure! Is it going to magically change your skin into a blemish free, dewy canvas? No! It would be MUCH more popular if it was that easy. But it will make you feel like your make-up is completely removed at the end of the day, without having to use toners or other harsh cleansers that dry out your skin.

The other benefit of the Clarisonic (or similar brushes) is getting your skin primed for your nightly regimen, whether it is a simple moisturizer or a prescription acne cream or anti-aging serum. In addition, I felt like using the brush helped tame my newly oily skin during pregnancy. I had not seen such a collection of blackheads since high school, so it was nice to have a safe tool that helped my cleanser work better. So many other acne treatments are “off limits” during pregnancy.

So, keep in mind that it’s a nice “extra” in the world of skin care tools but it is by no means a requirement. It will not shrink your pores or minimize wrinkles or otherwise alter your face in any significant way. It feels good and helps get things clean. Period.


  1. I have the first edition, and I love it- I know sells then at 5% off- with a promo code called ‘toothache’

  2. I love the way the Clairsonic feels! Though I have noticed that I’ve been getting more blemishes since I started using it. I feel like it unearthing the recesses of my skin and angering the monster below! I stopped using it the last 2 weeks to see if the blemishes go away. But I do miss the clean feeling you get with the brush.

  3. I love this entry! I am pretty obsessed with my little Clarisonic, so glad to know you give it a thumbs up. Your skincare word is gospel to me. You’ll always be my #1 derm. Please move back. 🙂

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