Drugstore Cures Worth Trying, Part 1

Oily, pimple-prone on your teenager (or you):

Stridex Sensitive Pads. These contain salicylic acid, which targets the oil glands, but without the drying effects of alcohol contained in most acne wipes. Used twice a day, especially after volleyball/basketball/hockey practice, they can help ward off mild breakouts from that extra oily skin.

Panoxyl Creamy Wash. Benzyol Peroxide is the gold standard of OTC ingredients for acne. When you can’t get your teen (or you, ahem) to take any extra skincare steps, putting a medicated body wash in the shower is the sneakiest way to get results! Ten percent is now available, but start with 4 or 5%, because it can overdry the skin at first.

Flaky scalp/mild dandruff:

Neutragena T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo. The active ingredient here is Salicylic Acid 3%, the highest percentage you can get without a prescription. Alternating this with your normal shampoo may be enough to keep away a mild flake problem.

Dr. Scholls One Step Corn Removers. I know I said warts and not corns…but I like that these have a higher concentration of medication, to better melt away stubborn warts. The medicated discs are imbedded in a bandaid, so application is easy- no liquids, little brushes etc.

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