Scratching Your Head?

Do your hands keep finding their way to your head for a good scratch? You might be a victim of dry-scalp. An itchy scalp can have many different sources, but if it’s just popping up in the winter and doesn’t come with lots of flakes or scaling it could just be a moisture problem. Just like our skin everywhere else, the skin on our scalp and suffer in the winter. We put lotions on our skin but what do we do for our scalp?

First off is prevention. If you blow dry, use the cool or lowest warm setting. I know that hot air feels fantastic on a cold morning, but can’t you practically feel the moisture jumping out of your hair as your dry? The same goes for water in the shower. Super hot equals super drying.

Next is treatment. If you typically use hair products for “normal” hair you might want to switch to something with more hydrating components such as dimethicone. Are there specific scalp moisturizers? I tell my patients to use their favorite hair conditioner (that they know they tolerate well) on their scalp and leave for 5-7 minutes. Instant scalp moisturizer without another purchase! If you want an excuse to buy a new product (you know who you are), then you can try Origins Rich Rewards hair scalp treatment. I haven’t tried it but it gets good buzz.


If you have rashes, bleeding or pain in your scalp or other parts of your head and neck, you may have another problem all together and a moisture treatment won’t cut it. This is the time (you guessed it) to visit your friendly Dermatologist so they can help you properly diagnose and treat the issue. Otherwise, hydrate that scalp and while you are waiting for it to work, try not to scratch. It just leads to more itch and a longer recovery.

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