Everybody’s Doing It!

The great thing about living in 2016 is that we have so many amazing beauty products, procedures, treatments and tinctures. We can make our eyelashes sweep, our skin glow, our cheekbones perk back up to their original location. This all can be done without major surgical procedures that would require hiding out for days to recover. A busy mom pops in for a little plump in her lips before picking her kids up from school. A busy attorney bustles in for his Botox fix. The aesthetician is busy making smooth skin dreams come true for patient after patient.

….Yet, we all are still so worried about admitting it! It’s your body, choose whether to share your recent cosmetic dalliances or not. Your call. But just know, everyone. is. doing it. You aren’t the only one who is noticing the frown lines. You aren’t the only one who thinks they look tired these days. And guess what, that friend over there? With the glowing skin and the relaxed way about her? Well she gets Botox, fillers and facials on the regular. NBD. Clearly, given the field I’m in, I am very comfortable admitting what “help” I have had. I completely understand that not everyone wishes to be so open with that information. Again; your prerogative! BUT, for those of you who are hesitant about being judged or begin the only one who “needs” it…stop it. You are not alone. Go for it, don’t look back and enjoy the results. No shame in the game of feeling your best.

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