Eyeliner, Nivea & Socks

I’m no makeup artist or proclaimed beauty guru, but there are a few hints I come across that seem to be worth sharing. Today’s random assortment are totally unrelated.

1. Eyeliner. White Eyeliner in particular. This is something I stumbled on way too late in life. Where was this when I was studying all night and looking like death all day? Light or white liners can be used to rim your lower lids to make you look more awake and sprightly. They really work. I didn’t believe it until I tried it. They also make your eyes look bigger; bonus! There are tons of brands out there.

2. Nivea Cream. The original thick stuff in the tin or the jar. This is a cheap and effective way to create that dewey, fresh looking face. If you are going with minimal makeup, just put this on with light eye makeup. You can use it as a cheek highlighter too. It gives just a touch of sheen to allow light to bounce off your cheekbones. Warning; this is not a good choice if you have oily skin.

3. Socks. Your favorite pair or any pair. Take a shower or a bath, put a very generous portion of your favorite moisturizer (Nivea, even!) on your feet and then pull on those socks. Sleep. In the morning your feet should feel softer and smoother. Repeat as often as your feet request it.


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