Is it Humid in Here?

Probably not. During the winter, in most parts of our country, the humidity in the air goes down and the heat gets turned on inside. Cozy? Yes. Good for your skin? No. If you have ever visited the mountains in the winter, you are familiar with the chapped lips and parched throat you feel as soon as you get off the plane. This environment could be present in your own house, and your skin is suffering! Dry air leads to dry skin that looks dull, feels rough and is more sensitive and easily irritated.

Prevent Winter-time Dry Skin

An easy solution for winter-time dry air is a humidifier. There are humidifiers that are integrated into home HVAC systems, but if that’s not an option, it’s easy to buy a small humidifier to put by your desk or your bed. If you can only pick one spot, choose the bedside. A humidifier helps keep your skin moist during the night and will make your nose and lips feel less dry and cracked too. Ideally we want our living air to be between 30-50% humidity. If you have a hygrometer you can check this. (I had to look that one up). Some humidifiers and home thermometers have this function built in. The next question is usually what type of humidifier? warm air? cool air? ultrasonic? evaporator? For our purposes it doesn’t matter much..whatever you like best. Just make sure to keep it clean and if you have little ones running around, it’s safer to stick with the cool air version. Your winter skin will thank you!

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