Just the Necessities…

I just went through a move, spending about three weeks “urban camping” while all of our precious stuff traveled cross-country. I had to pick just a handful of skin and beauty products for my family to “survive” with during this time (cue dramatic music). Anyway, it made me realize what my necessities are.

Here was my solution;

For my makeup, I picked a BB cream as my all-in-one. I recently reviewed one drugstore brand on my Product page. I like it because it evens and brightens skin tone and has SPF. That along with mascara (Dior addict all the way) and Benefit Benetint completed my makeup collection.

For a cleanser, I needed one that the whole family could use. Cetaphil gentle cleanser works as an all over wash for the babe, me and my husband. That one was easy.

For moisturizer I stuck with just Cerave lotion. Light enough to spread easily, it works for eveyone’s skin, and no “girly” smell to make my husband reject it.

Finally, the secret weapon multi-use Aquaphor. This is great for my chapped lips in the AC, the babe’s bum between diaper changes, and any spots of dry skin he gets. In addition, it’s great for smoothing my brows and taming crazy fly-away hairs. My husband likes it for his dry hands every once in a awhile. It’s the all purpose Windex for the skin.

OK lastly but MOST importantly is the fmaily sunscreen! I like Blue Lizard Sensitive. It’s great for baby and also works for the rest of us. Reasonably easy to rub in (could be better, I’ll admit) but the very best protection with zinc oxide.

There, done. That’s┬áthree tubes, two small cylinders, and two pump jars. Pretty reasonable if you ask me.

Tell me, what would YOU have to take if you were urban camping? I’d love to hear what everyone else can’t live without.


  1. I also can’t be without my Aquaphor. Totally the windex for skin! Works for everything.

    I also can’t be without my Burt’s Bees tinted chap stick in Honeysuckle!

  2. Author

    Amy, I agree. Burt’s is great. Ever get a batch that is too “firm” so it doesn’t spread well? Hate that…but in general, love.

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