If you haven’t heard about Latisse yet, where have you been? Just kidding. But really, this is a product that I can be comfortable recommending to many patients and friends alike. This is a prescription topical application for thinning or sparse eyelashes, originally used as a medication to treat other eye pressure problems. Eye doctors realized that their patients were coming in with thick, dark lashes. What a side effect! They harnessed that power for the good of lashes everywhere.

Latisse can cause some darkening of the eyelid skin, which is usually temporary and goes away when you stop using it. The worrisome news for our light-eyed friends is that if the medication gets onto the actual eye, it could cause permanent darkening on the colored portion your eyes. I have never seen this happen, but I am sure that the risk is real, most specifically if you are not using the medicine correctly. The makers of Latisse provide a small brush that you use to apply the solution to your upper eyelid only. This is not a case of “more is better”; just a drop on the brush for each upper lid is all you need. I have had a few patients have itching on the eyelid that prevented them from continuing to use it, but other than that I see a lot of happy campers with amazing eyelashes!
applying latisse to the lid line

As with all prescription medications, go see your friendly dermatologist to learn ALL the details, side effects and application instructions to see if it’s something you want to try.

Full disclosure: I have been using it on and off for about two years, and I have great lashes to show for it. The best part is, when someone asks me “are your eyelashes real?” I can honestly answer “YES!”


  1. I believe I have seen other eyelash treatments that promise results that are over counter. Are there any that offer the same results? Are the results permanent or go away once you stope using the product? Thanks so much for your help!!!

    1. Author

      Hi! There are several OTC eyelash treatments out there now. None of them are going to come close to what Latisse does. They might condition your lashes and make them appear longer or even make them more resistent to breaking, but Latisse is the only product that promotes GROWTH. The results from Latisse go away if you stop using it.

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