Lip Scrub

My current spring cleaning preoccupation brought to mind a beauty scrub that you might not have encountered yet. Sara Happ makes a product called The Lip Scrub. I went into a beauty supply store a couple years ago and saw these cute little pots of scrub wrapped in cute little boxes. I must have been having a weak moment, because I bought one. (Weak because they retail for about $25). It worked out for the best, because it introduced me to the idea of lip scrubs.

There are a bunch of brands out there now; Fabulips by Bliss, Lush Sweet Lips etc etc. The idea is you use a scrub on your lips once a day to remove dead skin cells, leaving them softer. It also allows your lipstick or gloss to glide on easily and stay put. The Lip Scrub has a gritty texture in a smooth moisturizing base, so after you remove the scrub it leaves behind a touch of moisture too.

From a Dermatologist’s point of view, I’d warn you to be careful with this type of product in extremely dry weather or if you have cracked or tender lips. This will only make those problems worse. In that case, apply something like petroleum jelly, to protect and replace moisture. Another hint; this type of product can be pretty easy to recreate in your kitchen. Recipes involve granulated sugar, olive oil, honey and probably work just as well. You will just have to add the cute little box…


  1. What a neat idea. I’m sure it helps your lip products look smoother and cleaner. Your idea for creating your own would actually make a very nice gift, if you can find a cute little box that is 🙂

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