Major (Eye) Baggage

Did you find two fluffy and puffy bags under your eyes this morning when you first gazed into the mirror? That delicate skin under our eyes can give us away or be incredibly misleading. The all-time worst is when someone tells me I ‘look tired’ when, in fact, I feel great! What the?

Figuring out how to solve the bag problem depends on why you have them. Water retention from a salty diet (or a few too many cocktails) is a very common cause. Clearly if you cut these things out, you will see fewer baggy mornings. Personally, I find it hard to say no to sushi with lots of soy sauce. When I’m suffering the effects the next morning, I wash my face with ice-cold water and then apply my typical under-eye cream after it has been chiling in the fridge. You can cheat and stick it in the freezer for a short bit to speed things up, too.  I’ve never tried it, but some people swear by cold cabbage leaves or tea bags applied to your eyes for several minutes.

Another common source of under eye bags is actually your heredity. Some people have  fat pads below their eyes that give the appearance of bags. While makeup and creams might minimize the appearance somewhat, the only cure is surgical removal by a Plastic Surgeon.   A Dermatologist or Cosmetic Surgeon will be able to tell by examining you if this is the case for you.

It’s true that lack of sleep and monthly hormonal changes can also contribute to that dreaded eye baggage. I’d talk more about these IF I had some magical cure for sleep deprivation or menstrual woes. Believe me, I wish I did.

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