Max your Wax

Lots of us (women and men) get some help with shaping and taming our eyebrows or other facial hair via waxing. Hot wax applied at a salon is a quick way to manage those stray hairs. There are risks when you allow a burning hot liquid on your face, so take some precautions before going under the spatula.

*Work with a qualified professional. You want someone who is a licensed esthetician and does this all. the. time. Don’t be afraid to ask. Licensing may vary by state so do some homework on your state’s board of cosmetology website.
*Know what materials are used. Hard and soft wax have different qualities. Hard wax was historically considered more gentle, but soft wax is becoming much more prevalent and is comparable in experienced hands.
*Discuss what medications and topical creams you use prior to treatment. So important! If you are on Isotretinoin or “Accutane” you canNOT get waxed. If you are applying a retinoid cream (Retin-A, Renova, Epiduo etc) you can’t get waxed. I tell patients to stop their retinoid cream for at least 5 days prior to waxing. If you aren’t extremely careful when mixing these medications with waxing, you can end up with painful lifted skin that has the risk of scarring. It is no joke.

If you pass all the requirements above, feel free to wax your way to smooth faces and sculpted brows…there’s no excuse for entering the winter season with too much extra fur.

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