Oh My Milia!

Milia are small white or yellow bumps that can pop anywhere on the face. An oil gland gets plugged by skin cells and forms a small cyst under the surface layers of skin. While they may look similar to an acne white head, they are not easily popped. They can show up on healing skin, extra oily skin or sometimes appear without a known cause.

What do you do about them? One option is nothing. If they are small or close to the surface of the skin, they can resolve on their own. But, (you guessed it) sometimes they do not! You can use a topical exfoliating agent such as Retin-A to gradually peel away the skin on top of the milium. Using this type of treatment can also prevent new milia from forming, if you tend to get them. The next option is extraction. Sounds serious right? It’s just a quick procedure your friendly dermatologist can do for you. Be careful about getting it done at a medi-spa or in a friends bathroom (you know who you are), because going after a larger lesion in a delicate area could result in a scar.

*Fun Fact: The other common place you will see milia are on newborns. These will resolve in a few weeks after birth, and are a normal thing to see on little ones.

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