Moisturizing Sunscreen by EltaMD

I can only go so long without reviewing another sunscreen. They are the cornerstone of my professional life, not to mention a mainstay of my daily life. Why wouldn’t I want to try everything out there? EltaMD is a brand most commonly dispensed by physician’s offices. It prides itself on a variety of unique formulations based on skin type and your use of the product.

EltaMD UV Facial is geared towards dry skin users, who want a smooth application that will feel light but provide added moisture. The cream comes out fluffy and rubs in smoothly, without any white tint. I found it was easy to mix with tinted moisturizer and it didn’t streak or feel greasy. The active ingredients are zinc oxide and octinoxate, which are less irritating for sensntive skin. I loved how this blended and truly moisturized my overly dry skin. It’s adequate coverage for days when you are working or just outside for brief periods, I don’t think it provides enough protection for intense sun exposure. It rates as SPF 30 but compared to their zinc and titanium product (EltaMD Pure), I felt like I got more color through it even when I reapplied. Just my experience..

Sunscreens are not one size fits all, and one person can’t use the same product for every situation. I like the UV Facial as my daily “moisturizer plus SPF” that I can wear with makeup, but for significant “sunshine time” it just doesn’t cut it. If you have dry skin you will probably love this for daily wear.

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