My Nails are Looking Rough

Often I get questioned about new “roughness” or “lines” that someone has noticed in their nails. Is there something wrong? Are they having a reaction to their nail polish or something worse?

Vertical ridges that go the length of your nails are very common and in most cases are nothing to worry about. These small irregularities cause the nail to feel and look rough, and   appear with age. With age the cell turnover in our little “nail factories” changes, causing variation in the nail plate. There is no true cure.

Gentle filing is ok if you must, but I’m not a huge fan because in an attempt to smooth the nail you will be significantly reducing your nail’s thickness, causing it to be more fragile. Keep your nails hydrated with a moisturizer suited for the job such as Cerave Therapeutic Hand Cream or H2O Spa Hand and Nail Cream. This keeps them strong and less likely to split and break. Some studies have shown benefit to the B-vitamin Biotin, so I tell my patients about this supplement, which can be taken once a day.

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