No Excuses Skin Care

It doesn’t really matter what the skin “issue” is, so often we struggle with sticking to the routine.  I hear things like “I put it on  some nights?” or ” I’ve been traveling so I’m off my regular schedule” or “I keep forgetting” etc etc etc. Hey, I’ve been there! I am that person too! I’m tired, I’m busy and distracted. I am not one for twelve step skin care or twelve step anything for that matter. But that moisturizer won’t make your skin softer by sitting in the jar!

Let’s just try to take some easy, practical steps to making you keep your skin care routine going.

Go early! If you tucker out at the end of the day, get your skin prepped, serumed and moisturized way before you hit the pillow. Head to the bathroom for your skin ritual after dinner and before you cuddle into the couch for a marathon Bravo session.

Make it accessible. Bring your products to the kitchen if you can’t be trusted to get all the way upstairs/way-over-there to the master bathroom. There is no rule that your products have to stay in the medicine cabinet. They go wherever you need them to be to USE them!  This also goes for the AM rush. If it’s not convenient to run back into your bathroom for your SPF or that intense hand moisturizer, then keep it on the hall table or by the back door.

Buy multiple. This just goes back to the previous idea. If the only way you will use your antioxidant serum religiously is if you have one in your bathroom, one in your travel bag and one at your sister’s house, then figure out how to get it all of those places. Ask your aesthetician or dermatologist if you could transfer your products to smaller travel containers (some are light sensitive so it’s good to check on this) because this is a good alternative to coughing up 3 tubes of that expensive goo at a time.

Alarm yourself. This will get annoying and you will turn it off, but sometimes setting a reminder to ding/buzz/beep at you gets you in the habit.

Own it. Caring for our skin is a marathon not a sprint. You have to incorporate healthy, consistent habits to get long term benefits. Prioritizing your skin care is way to care for YOU. You are definitely worth it!


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