No Scrubs (Except This One)

Bliss has such clever names for their products. Who doesn’t love a product line that doesn’t take itself too seriously? Bliss Super Slough¬†Body Buff (so catchy!) is not for the faint of heart. Be ready for big, hearty pumice pieces suspended in a thick gooey soap. It whips up a surprisingly nice lather and smells pleasant but not overpowering. Warning, do not get too adventurous about where you put this. It is going to feel best on heels and maybe elbows. Other softer spots might not appreciate quite so much grit, but it’s your call. I like spreading a generous portion on my pumice stone (double pumice! unorthodox strategy!) and using it on my heels. The Slough alone feels amazing on tired feet and toes after a long day. If you are in the super sensitive skin category, I might skip this one altogether, but if not give this big ‘ol scrub a try.

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