Nuts for Coconut (Oil)

Coconut oil is the popular kid on the block now. What started out as an exotic substance (oooo, are we in Hawaii??) is now plentiful. You can find it at Target; in the grocery, pharmacy and beauty sections. Talk about shooting to fame! Let’s briefly extol the virtues of this tropical treat. Coconut oil naturally contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps the skin fight and repair skin damage and aging from the sun’s rays. Coconut oil has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Lastly it’s an oil, so is extremely hydrating without actually being as occlusive to our skins pores as you might guess. 

Recently I did a seven day challenge; switching my body and facial moisturizer to exclusively coconut oil. Would I convert? Would I jump off the band wagon before I ever got on?  At room temp this stuff’s solid, which is surprisingly great. It’s just easier to apply something that doesn’t start in a drippy, oil form (in my opinion). I love how it melts into my hand and skin as a rub it in. Instant gratification on the hydration front. It wasn’t always the most practical. I could use it at night on my face and body, but I did tend to leave a oil slick behind wherever I went in the house. This made it a challenge (to say it nicely) for daytime/workday use. So given some practical obstacles I feel like it belongs in my routine but I can’t be exclusive. I am planning on making my own body scrub using brown sugar and coconut oil- I read about it somewhere along the line. I have a feeling it will amazing and I will keep you posted. I recommend extra virgin coconut oil to patients with severely dry skin, who prefer natural ingredients or those with a tendency to get folliculitis or certain types of mild fungal or yeast infections on the skin. Some patients also love it as a hair conditioning treatment and a dietary supplement. I have a feeling coconuts will just keep surprising us with their benefits.


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