Prescription Moisturizer?

Does such a thing exist? Actually, yes, in several forms.  I would like to take this time of year to focus on one of my skin-saver ‘scripts. Winter is dry, scaly skin time. Everyone loves the hot cocoa and fires and the chunky sweaters but no one is singing about the gross scaliness happening on our feet and hands.

Enter prescription 40% Urea Cream. This ingredient has been around forever. You don’t want me to go into how/why/what with this one, but just take my word for it; it works. Technically it’s a humectant, which means it removes the scaly extra dry skin and pulls moisture down deep to where you need it. It’s also a natural exfoliant. My favorite place for this is feet. I leave the bottle right in my sock drawer. I apply a thin layer all over the bottom of my feet, slip on socks and off I go. Voila; soft, smooth tootsies. The active ingredient is probably going to be too aggressive for most other parts of the body, unless you have really thick dry patches on elbows or hands.

Urea is also found in over the counter moisturizers but to get the highest strength dose you still need a Rx. If you are local, pick it up at my office. If you have a friendly dermatologist or family doctor, you can ask them too.

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