Putting on your Products

You are armed with a premium set of skin care bottles, ready to win beautiful skin. But which goes on first? Is it OK if they mix? Some simple rules of thumb:

Serum First. If you are using any type of serum (often antioxidants are delivered this way), this is the first thing to apply to your newly washed face. Serums are made to be in direct contact with the skin to absorb best. If you are using any prescription treatment creams for acne, rosacea etc, these can also be number one on your skin.

Moisturizer Next: It will be first if you are not using a serum of medicated cream. Try not to wait too long after washing for this step, so you don’t miss the best window for your skin to accept moisture.

SPF always! Your SPF might be in your moisturizer, but if not, this should be next on your list. Tinted moisturizers and makeups also can include sun protection, just try to find SPF 30.

Icing on the Cake: Makeup, mascara, blush oh my! For my dry skin, I actually like to finish with a thin layer of old fashioned Nivea Cream. It gives that dewey, fresh finish and seals everything in place. If you have combo or oily skin, you probably want to skip this.

One thing to remember is that there are no disastrous mistakes here. There is often more than one right way. You can always talk to your aesthetician or dermatologist if you have concerns.


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