Random Happy Things

This week I’m just not feeling a regular post or product review. Maybe it’s the summer sun or multiple fun distractions I keep finding, but I just don’t have the attention span today. Instead, I just thought I’d post some random (somewhat, very loosely/vaguely) beauty-related products that make me happy.

 Eos Lip Balm. It’s basically just the gimick of the round container, but I can’t stop buying these things. The flavors are great too, and it rolls on smoothly. “Evoluation of Smooth”? C’mon, what’s not to love with that name.


These things. What is their official name? Soft, pretty and comfy hair ties. I love them and I need to figure out where to get the blingy kind…just awesome.



Essie Nail Color, any glitter variety. May glitter never go out of style in nail color..because this is the only way I can ever paint my own nails. Step 1: Apply nail color of choice. Step 2: Apply layer of glitter on top, to cover up all mess-ups from my poor paint job.


Origins Sensory Therapy “Peace of Mind” What a random product, but it feels so good! It’s basically a mint-frangranced lotion that you apply to your temples or pressure points when you are feeling tired or stressed. When I am feeling zapped, this definitely gives me a pick me up. I suppose jumping jacks would too, but this is much easier.

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