Shiseido or Don’t?

Shiseido makes a sizable line of sunscreen lotions and potions, so I finally tested one out for a good part of my summer. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 60 for face retails for around $39 for a 3.3 oz bottle. This sounds like a lot of money for something you can almost put in your carry-on, but the contents do tend to last a long time. I’ve been using it about 3 times a week (I use my ‘usual’ on the other days) for 2 months and there’s still plenty left.

I like that it has zinc oxide as one of it’s active ingredients (I know, how many times am I going to go on about zinc), and it’s PABA free. There are a couple things to note, though. It has a very watery, thin consistency. This was definitely a surprise to me, and even though it made it easier to blend in with my tinted moisturizer, ┬áit’s probably not going to go over well with most people. The second is that it has a significant fragrance. It’s a little heavy for me, and in general fragrances aren’t my favorite because they can be potential irritants to sensitive skin. It seemed to stay put and didn’t clog my pores, so obviously these are important for a daily sunscreen.

A facial moisturizer that has a couple unique qualities that, depending on your taste, can it a Do or a Don’t. It’s your call.

PS: I PROMISE my next product review won’t be about a sunscreen.


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