Skin Cancer = No Joke

May is skin cancer awareness month, so it is my duty to climb up on my soap box once in awhile. Let me just share a few (possibly) surprising facts and figures with you.

* Using a tanning bed FOUR TIMES in your life increases your risk of skin cancer. I admit that I qualify for this one (hey, I was in high school and didn’t know better) Scary!

* Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in 25-29 years olds. In those of us under 40, women’s risk is significantly higher than mens’ risk.

* 1 out of 5 people will get skin cancer! That is someone in your family, your best friend or YOU.

There, that’s all. Short and sweet. Just swallow any fear or hesitation you might have about going to get a skin exam. It’s painless. Dermatologists look at head-to-toe skin all day, so relax and don’t feel weird about the whole “naked” thing. Ok?


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