Skin Consult, STAT!

Hypothetical: You are considering a cosmetic skin procedure.¬†Where is a good place to start? Dr. Google can only get you so far. Personal referrals are one good way to find the right doctor. If you keep hearing that Dr. Smooth does the best at botox in town and takes time with her patients, those reviews tend to point you in the right direction. Once you have chosen a practice and provider, you should go in and meet the physician before getting anything done. A cosmetic consult prior to a procedure is not a waste of money (if there is a fee) or time. It ensures that you are comfortable with the provider doing the procedure, and that you get the right procedure for your specific needs. During the consult you should be asked your expectations and hopes for improvement in your skin and appearance in general. Bring a list of questions so that you don’t forget anything.The doctor should address your questions and expectations one by one. Remember, this interaction is for you so make the most of it.

If you are more interested in recommendations for skin products and smaller procedures like facials or superficial chemical peels, you might be meeting with an aesthetician instead of a medical provider. Bring a list of what products you are using now, and think back about what you have tried in the past. So often people tell me they are on a special “anti-aging” or “anti-breakout” cream but don’t know the name or the ingredients. It is really helpful to know what you have tried and what is currently on your bathroom counter, to prevent redundant products or ingredients.

Ok, off you go! Find the product or procedure that is right for you. Improving your skin is a terrific investment and it should be a fun endeavor. Enjoy it!

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