Skin Hacks

Life hacks are all the rage (I can get lost in one of those lists so easily), so I thought I’d try to add some simple skin care hacks. Not sure these are earth shattering (or fascinating), but here it goes.

Athletes foot? Dry, itchy or red skin on your feet or in between your toes? Try dilute vinegar soaks. 1 cup vinegar in a small basin full of water and soak for 10-15 minutes three times a week.

Itchy bug bite? Kill the itch with sunshine. Rarely (if ever) will you hear a Dermatologist encourage sun exposure, but getting 10 minutes of direct sun on a itchy spot can speed up the healing time significantly.

Painful cracks around the base/inside your nose? Might be a small bacterial infection. Try double antibiotic ointment in your nostrils at night until healed, and then repeat for two nights every month to prevent a recurrence.

Cracking heels? Before bed, soak your feet in warm water for 2-5 minutes, then apply thick layer of a lactic acid lotion like AmLactin and put on comfy socks. Go to bed. Wake up on your way to smooth feet!

Maybe I’ll work on some skin-beauty hacks next…those are always more fun!

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