Spray-On Mineral Sunblock. Finally!

Let me just be clear…I was never a fan of the spray sunscreens. I get nervous that areas aren’t getting covered evenly and a spray makes it much harder to get the required thickness of sunscreen applied. In addition, they usually only contain chemical blockers instead of mineral sun blockers like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Physical blocking agents are the best at protecting us from the sun, but historically have been gloppy, white-masky situations; difficult to get into a spray form. When patients or friends would ask me if a spray-on sunscreen is ok, my answer goes something like this; “If it’s the only way you/your husband/your child will put on a sunscreen, then fine, but I like lotions and creams more because you can see where it’s going on and where you have missed.”

Then I changed my mind. Why? I had a child. Currently a wriggly, busy and very bald toddler…who hates hats. So my lofty ideals and doctorly preferences have been cast aside for the more realistic (yet still sun-safe) motherly practicalities. I need a spray. Sometimes I can get the lotion on, or SPF wipes. But sometimes I just can’t catch him. And that head! Sparse hair leaves lots of skin exposed and rubbling lotion into the hair is, well, gross. So a spray-on mineral sunblock became numero uno on my skin care wish list. I found a good one!

Soleil Organique 100% Mineral Sunblock Mist SPF 45 for Children is something I stumbled upon on a sister site to diapers.com. (I shop here more than anywhere these days.) I wish it was a little less spendy; $42.00 for 4.1oz, which should last about 2 months I will guess? It sprays on easily and rubs in without too much trouble. It does have a fruity smell, but this isn’t overpowering so I would call it pleasantly kid-friendly. It is vegan friendly and organic, so it appeals to specific groups as well. They have a non-Children version which I’m sure is very similar which could be great for adult on-the-go reapplication when hauling out the goop just isn’t practical. Yes, I guess I’m coming around to the idea. People are allowed to change….


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