Spray-on Soft Skin?

We all know about a spray-tan is but how about a spray-moisturizer? I guess this isn’t the first go-around for spray-on moisturizing lotions, but it’s the first in a long time so I have to comment.

Our skin needs moisture. It’s crying out for it, actually. Big beauty companies are always trying to find new ways to dress up moisturizer. I just want to find ways to get my patients to use a moisturizer. Anyway, the spray concept is intriguing;  quicker, less mess and more versatile…

At your local drugstore you will find two main brands with this new delivery; St. Ives and Vaseline. I chose Vaseline Spray and Go for my trial. The spray mechanism of the Vaseline product is pretty smooth, but sometimes the stream surprises you or squirts erratically. It is not a perfectly even coat, due to the fact that I can’t spray the same at every angle, but it was better than I thought.  Without much rubbing and spreading required, it is a time-saver. I was most excited about being able to spray my back. Recruiting someone to apply moisturizer to my back doesn’t really fit into my AM routine, so this do-it-yourself feature is pretty fantastic. A lot of my older patients suffer from itchy, dry backs and many of them do not have anyone around the help them partner or family member available to help them apply moisturizer there. I am definitely telling them about this product.

There are a few things to be desired. The brands available do not offer a fragrance free, sensitive skin option. The moisturizer lacks ceramides, the most crucial hydration ingredients in my book. They do include parabens, a class of ingredients we are trying to move away from in our personal care products. Lastly, the spray coat isn’t as thick as the cream or lotion layer you normally apply, so your skin will not be as thoroughly hydrated. This is a real problem for people with severely dry skin.

If you don’t have the discipline to put on moisturizer the “old fashioned way” then this is a good alternative. Men are notorious for avoiding “girly lotion stuff” so this might be one way to convince your guy to apply (rhyme totally intended there).

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