Stila’s BB a Bust?

I’m venturing back into a world where I might not belong…that thin line between skincare and makeup. I can’t help it. The built-in excuse to buy more products because “I should do a review of it” is just too tempting.

For the past three days I have been doing a trial run of Stila’s Stay All Day Beauty Balm with SPF30 (approx $38.00). I used to be a die-hard Stila tinted moisturizer fan, so I was interested in what their BB cream would offer. Plus, my first BB experience went really well. The great news is that this has titanium dioxide sun protection and is paraben and phthalate free. It also boasts some antioxidant-encouraging ingredients to help ward of daily damage to your skin.

The downside might be a upside for those of you with perfect skin; it’s quite translucent. Compared to some other BB’s I’ve tried (including Jane Iredale’s version) it doesn’t provide much help with irregular skin tone . Stila recommends that you follow this BB cream with their tinted moisturizer, so I guess this is their design.  I can’t be trusted to follow through with multiple steps in the morning, so I prefer a one-and-done cream. I do like that it provides a hint of sheen for brightening.

So for a very light, brightening BB, this might be your bag. With my imperfect skin and lack of dedication to makeup application, I need something that is even more of a multi-tasker.

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