Sun gets through that?

Since I have moved to a sunnier climate, I get constantly reminded of all the sneaky ways unintentional sun exposure can happen. I know, poor me with all of these sunny scenarios to cope with daily…sigh… I will handle it somehow…

Through you car window? Yes! For two months I couldn’t figure out how I was getting more sun spots after working all day inside. It turns out that my sunny, westward drive home (without a fresh application of sunblock) was the culprit. Glass blocks UVB rays but not UVA rays, which are the skin-aging rays. That’s why we see people with more sun damage on the left side of their face and left arm, from being in the driver’s seat. If you commute or love road trips, realize that you are baking en route. Sunblock! Keep some in the car, provided it doesn’t get SO hot in there it could compromise the effectiveness of the product. (which I would guess could happen). Tinted windows block more (but not all) of the UVA, so this can help too.

Off the sand? Yes! Even if you are under your cabana or wearing a huge sun hat, thesunshine bounces off the sand underneath you and hits your skin. Somewhere between 15-20% of UV radiation can still reach you, so you have to be wearing sunblock in addition. The same principle applies to snow and water, but the reflection is even worse.

Through the clouds? Yes! When we will get this one through our heads? When it’s overcast it’s still light out, right? What’s providing all that illumination? The SUN! The clouds are blocking only about 20% of the total UV. Protect your skin like any other sunnier day.

Ok, now that we all have a higher sun IQ, get out there and enjoy your summer!

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