Sassy Brims

Hellllooo Summer! It’s time to find a functional and great looking sun hat. A hat provides a personal shade system, allowing us to stay out longer and with less worry about the damaging rays.  Pick a style with at least a  4 inch brim and you can be sure your face and neck is protected. Go bigger (and even more fabulous) and the shade can extend to cover more of your chest and shoulders.

I recently discovered Tula Hats.  They have a great natural look and interesting styles. Their Lifeguard Hat is a jaunty alternative to the typical wide brimmed floppy hat. It has a little more attitude, and the string makes it better for being active or wearing on a windy day.


San Diego Hat comapany has been making great styles for a long time.  They have mastered the huge floppy hat, but also have some fantastic cowboy styles too. Check out their Ultra Braid Visor. It provides more coverage than a typical visor and is super light and packable. I use mine all the time.


Last but not least is Tilley. This company is well known in my derm world for UPF protective clothing and hats. They have NOT always been the best at style but they are getting better. For instance, their Hemp Hat is pretty cute; hiding utility behind pretty up-to-date styling. If you want protective clothing options, they have it. Don’t bank on the most stylish threads, just the most protective ones.

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