Technology Saves the Day

Today, while I was reading an article on my computer while simultaneously adding to the “to-do” list on my phone I had that realization that we all have at some point. How did I survive without these little wonders of technology? They organize, remind, inform and entertain me. Sure, we all suffer from a little too much screen time, but we can make that addiction work for us. I thought I’d share some ways that our devil devices can make our skin and beauty routines better. Call it enabling..

Pinterest (or Tumblr, whatever you fancy). This is the way I organize my jumbled online mind. I will see a great skin product or makeup tip online and then I see something shiny and whoosh, it’s pushed out of my mind forever. Not when I pin it! I like secret boards too..maybe everyone doesn’t need to know you are looking for a good hair removal product, you know?

Phone reminders. Phone calendars/alarms are amazing. Can’t remember to water your plants? Put an alarm on your phone. It’s also a great way to initiate a new beauty or skincare habit. Don’t laugh! The biggest problem for a lot of my patients is remembering to apply their products or medicines. We are creatures of habit, after all. So use your calendar to tell you to put on your eye cream, leave-in conditioner or sunscreen until it becomes a habit. A monthly recurring alarm to nudge you to do a self-skin exam could even save your life!

Dr. Google. I’m sort-of kidding. I shudder when friends or patients tell me that they have figured out their ailment after consulting good old Dr. WWW. But, it’s not all bad. There are good resources out there that can help you be empowered and better informed. As far as general references, Emedicine/medscape has some great general reference articles, as does MedlinePlus which is provided by the National Institutes of Health. Stay away from message boards. They will suck you in and provide you nothing but heartache…just don’t do it.

You are going to be tapping, scrolling and clicking all day, everyday.. so try to make those little gadgets work for you and your heath and beauty!

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