The Other Post-Pregnancy Shed

Pregnancy is an intense physical adventure for a woman’s body (understatement alert!). The excitement doesn’t stop once the baby is born. One of the more unsettling things that can happen to you postpartum is hair loss.

This type of hair shedding is categorized as Telogen Effluvium, where more of your hairs shift into the resting phase and eventually shed. TE (as I affectionately call it) has list of causes that goes on for days. Medications, surgeries, extreme dieting, hormone changes, and stress can all be causes.

Delivering a baby ranks as one of the most common reasons for TE. Timing varies, but often around the 3 month mark your thick pregnancy tresses will start to show up in your hairbrush. Your darling baby will be cooing and smiling up at you while you wonder how she will react when her Momma is bald. Don’t panic. This will gradually go away. It may take 3-6 months. For a very few, it takes longer.

There are no treatments to cure it or prevent it from happening. Clean and style your hair normally but try to avoid extreme heat in your styling or adding major processing to your hair during this time. Soon enough you will start to see new baby hairs sprouting along your hairline. These stylish “micro-bangs” (as I have nicknamed mine), signal the beginning of the end. Celebrate them! It seems like a lot of hair stylists have experience with this awkward hair moment, so go see someone you trust to get you through it.

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