The Sarna Secret

This isn’t exactly a “new” product challenge, but I want to introduce you to one of those random products that might come in handy. It’s one of my “secret stash”  treatments that you can get at any drugstore. Sarna has been around forever. If you don’t mind that your Grandmother might also have it in her medicine cabinet, then read on…

I find all kinds of great uses for Sarna. Itchy bug bites?  Sarna Original. Dry, itchy skin on your legs in the winter? Sarna Sensitive.Mild sunburn? Sarna Original. It is a moisturizing lotion that has ingredients to help soothe irritation and itch. Sarna Original does NOT smell too great, so this would be one to avoid before an airplane travel or a hot date. It is, however, the more potent version because it contains menthol. Menthol, of Vick’s Vaporub fame, is cooling and soothing. It is not a good choice for open sores or highly irritated skin. People with eczema or sensitive skin often find that Sarna Sensitive helps takes the edge off that mild, recurring itch of dry skin. It’s not going to break the bank either, with a large pump bottle costing about ten dollars. Good skin care doesn’t always have to be expensive!


  1. I just bought Sarna Original per the recommendation of my phototherapy specialist (I have psoriasis and do PUVA (light) treatments) since my hands are burned (accidentally too much UVA as my hands are apparently more sensitive than my feet to the UVA light). It smells horrible. It’s main ingredients are camphor and menthol and while I can’t really smell the menthol, I certainly smell the camphor which has a very bad smell. I’ll continue to use it as it does help my sunburned hands feel better. The burn feeling (very tender skin) is a little lightly numbed, which is nice. So I highly recommend Sarna Original for sunburns.

    1. Author

      Brittany- I totally agree! Orginial Sarna smells like a medicine cabinet! You could try Sarna Sensitive- it doesn’t have the camphor and menthol so it might work a little differently but definitely less of a “smell issue” with it!

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