Three Cheers for Ole’s Eye Gel?

Ole Henriksen is a popular spa brand with pleasant creams and gels for general body and beauty care. They haven’t made a big mark in the cosmeceutical market, so I was skeptical about their Ultimate Lift Eye Gel.  It hit the mark on hydration, but the texture makes it less user friendly.

My favorite part about this product is definitely the price – always nice when your eye cream costs less than your shoes. One ounce can last a few months and costs about $38.00. The ingredient list isn’t revolutionary but contains solid players like amino acids,  peptides and cucumber, that help with hydration and puffiness. This gel definitely creates an intense moisture layer. Applied at night, it lasts until the next morning without evaporating or rubbing away. This hearty texture is good for long-lasting nighttime applications, but it’s too goopy for daytime use. Even when applied thinly, I felt like it didn’t blend well with my other products and left me feeling my sticky lower eyelids.

My bathroom is already cluttered with bottles and potions (shocking, right?), so maybe that’s why I prefer to use one eye product for morning and night. If you crave a thick, cool gel for nighttime use then this is going to fit the bill. Does it hydrate and depuff better than drugstore brands? Yes. Will it replace all other eye creams in your cabinet? Probably not.


  1. Awesome, I’ve been on the market for a good eye cream. Can I order this online or is it only available in spas? Thanks greatskinmd!

    1. Author

      Available online at Sephora and the like, and definitely other retailers in that category. Enjoy!

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