Two Ways to Sabotage Your Skin Care

#1. Using too many products at the same time.

I have patients bring in purses, grocery sacks, ziploc baggies FULL of different creams, washes or lotions. Whether it’s acne or dry skin or something else, they find every product that lists their problem on it’s label, and slather them on together. How are we supposed to know what’s working? What’s not? What’s causing irritation? It’s anybody’s guess when you are brewing a science experiment on your own skin.

poly-cream disease

I like to call this poly-cream disease. Don’t be a victim! Pick one product and try it. If you have sensitive skin, you might first apply a small amount to your inner arm, to make sure it is not going to cause an unwanted reaction. You have to give a product more than a day to prove whether is works or not, which leads to me to #2….

#2. Giving up on a topical treatment or medication too soon.

This goes for anything from topical moisturizers for dry skin, to prescription medications for acne, ezcema, psoriasis and a million other problems. Topical treatments take time to work. They are built on science, not magic! For example, a good moisturizer will change the feel and look of your skin after about 3 weeks of consistent use. Yes, it can take that long! Prescription medications can take TWICE as long to take effect. Patience, grasshopper!

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