Vasanti’s Brighten Up!

Exfoliation is an important part of your beauty routine, if your skin isn’t too sensitive to tolerate it. You remove dead skin cells to allow your freshest face to show. I found this scrub in my monthly Birchbox this spring. I haven’t tried zillions of scrubs, but I have had a few. This one blew me away. The micro-particles in this “enzymatic face rejuvenator” make this the most intense scrub I’ve ever used. It’s definitely a “hurt so good” type of feeling.

They recommend using a pea-sized amount, and I would agree that a very little goes a very long way. The smell is pleasant too. I look slightly pink, but not beat-up, after using this. Which reminds me, always try a new product like this at a time that you aren’t headed out the door to an imprortnat meeting or social event. This is experience talking…

Scrub away everyone!

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