Wedding Ring Rash

Find yourself scratching at your ring finger? It might be Wedding Ring Rash. (This isn’t a technical term, but it gets the point across.) Commonly it presents as red, scaly and sometimes itchy skin directly under the spot where your ring sits. “Am I allergic to my ring?” ┬áMost often, the answer is no. Your skin is reacting to things that are getting caught between the ring and your skin. This includes soap, hand sanitizers, and extra moisture or sweat. Even if you don’t tend to have senstivie skin, this combination can be enough to make your skin angry and red. If your ring is thick or you wear multiple bands, it’s especially easy to develop.

This is a form of contact dermatitis and is curable, but requires a little extra attention and work. When at it’s angriest, give your rings a little break and buy a cortisone cream at the drugstore. I like Fix My Skin Healing Balm. Apply it to the rash twice a day until the redness and roughness is gone. Once your skin is looking and feeling happier, you can go back to wearing the rings. Your spouse might also appreciate this. If you don’t want to take off your rings to wash your hands (in order to better rinse the soap off) then make sure to rinse and dry your hands very thoroughly. Avoid perfumed soaps or moisturizers. Bring a gentle cleanser (like Cetaphil Cleanser) to work for washing your hands, to avoid that harsh standard issue stuff. Use a moisturizer like Cerave lotion or Eucerin Intensive Repair to keep your skin strong and resilient. If you take these steps and you are still having a reaction, it’s time to check in with your favorite Dermatologist. You might be allergic or sensitive to one of the components of your ring’s metal.

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