Winter Hand Relief

My dear friend, who is a teacher, recently asked me she could do about her dry hands in the winter. Obviously she is constantly washing her hands or using hand sanitizer, especially once cold and flu season hits. Our hands can suffer when we are trying to do the right thing and keep them clean! Avoiding the wash is not an option, so what is?

*Avoid hand sanitizers. If you can, choose to wash instead of spritz. Sanitizers are convenient but most contain alcohol and are drying to our skin. Liquid soap and water is a better option.
*Expand your hand washing routine. You have the lather, rub and rinse down, but after you dry off, add moisturizer to that regimen. Put a travel size lotion in your purse/bag/pocket and use it after every wash.
*Get specialized. For some, just being consistent with a regular moisturizer like Cetaphil will do the trick. But extremely dry hands can benefit from specific ingredients. Try Eucerin Intensive Hand Repair Cream, it’s one that I have seen work well.

Give your new hand care system a few weeks to really see lasting results. Keep washing and moisturizing to stay healthy while keeping soft, feel-good hands.

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