Wipe-on Wipe-off

I know, another sunscreen review? Tis the season, I guess. This particular product is kiddo-specific. There are a LOT of baby sun protection products out there; sprays, sticks, lotions and wipes. I thought that a sunscreen wipe could be a great option for a squirmy babe.

MD Moms Babysafe Towelettes have gotten some really positive buzz. They contain physical sun blockers, avoiding chemicals active ingredients, which is a big plus for many parents. A SPF of 30 might not sound high, but remember that this number needs to be 30; anything above that and it’s hard to prove it works any better.

Besides having good active ingredients, I liked that the towels decreased the goopy-hand factor of putting sunscreen on the babe. Wiping down his face, arms and legs I could see a faint white trail of where I had been. That being said, I still prefer rubbing the lotion in and knowing exactly how thickly I have applied the product. In order for a product to provide the protection it promises, it has to be put on thickly, and I worry that these wipes can’t really dispense enough. Another less-great part is the price…20 towelettes go quickly and if you used these exclusively, the price-per-swipe is pretty high.

Looking for a good baby-safe sunscreen lotion? I like Blue Lizard Baby, Vanicream and California Baby. Happy sunshine-ing!


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